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We have been working in IT education sphere for more than 6 years. All this time we have been continuously learning together with our students to improve the learning process, launch fresh courses, design new tracks, update our staff skills, and open affiliated departments.

Online education is a unique opportunity to implement your expertise and assist people to acquire new skills.


Graduates get employed after completing the systemic Roadmap program

Why choose ITEA Online courses?
Efficient Interactive Education with Lifetime Access to Classes
Since you can access streaming of our offline classes from any location and using any gadget, you don't have to waste your time on commutes. If you miss a lecture, you can always watch a recorded version in your account
Updated Syllabus

We're keeping track of IT trends and transformation to regularly update our syllabus. This helps us provide students with relevant knowledge that employers seek
Internship and Employment

ITEA selects the relevant courses that are now in demand—to encourage your personal development in IT. We provide our graduates with references to help them get internship or employed at our partner companies
Integrated Education
Having technical and communication skills in IT is an imperative today. Advanced soft skills training will help you be an efficient team player, succeed in job interviews, and improve both your interpersonal qualities and professional skills
Friendly Community
Teachers, mentors and your offline and online groupmates are not just your new contacts in the messenger: they will give a takeoff for your productive networking and information exchange
Practice-Oriented Approach
ITEA Online Courses' agile and elaborate syllabus provides you with practice and mentorship helps you hone and expand IT skills

Our graduates find jobs at

Our graduates find jobs at
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Today, no one doubts IT is getting traction across the globe. So IT education is not just a way to getting a fair salary, solving creative tasks, and enjoying flexible hours. It opens up broad opportunities for the applicants as lots of cities and even countries prioritize strategic IT development. Is there a solution for those motivated enough to get IT education but couldn't attend offline classes?

Yes, there is: IT Education Academy (ITEA) Online Courses

Why choose ITEA Online Courses?
IT Education Academy is a leading IT education organization, and here's why:

- 6+ years in the market
- 200+ tutors from top companies
- 30+ integrated syllabi
- 170+ unique training courses
-14,000+ successful graduates

What are the benefits of IT online courses?
- Online platform with webinar-format lectures where students are free to ask tutors any questions.
- If a student misses a webinar, they can watch the recorded version any time later.
- Experienced practicing tutors employed as Senior and Team Leads at the world's top IT and outsourcing companies.
- The "simple to complex" principle and unique syllabi help any student master a profession from zero knowledge.
- Internship at ITEA partner companies for the best-performing students. It is worth mentioning that ITEA is authorized partner of Cisco and Microsoft.

What IT training tracks are available in ITEA?
IT Education Academy offers its students the following range of IT training tracks:
1. Front-end development involves creating visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application.
2. Back-end development encompasses building and maintaining databases, adjusting logics and efficiency of software processes and client-server architecture.
3. Design involves creating the esthetic side of everything that surrounds us on the Internet.
4. Testing focuses on automated and manual software testing.
5. Data science embraces collection, analysis, and systemizing of big data.
6. Project Management offers an integrated education approach to getting practical project management skills.
7. Mobile development includes programming of online applications for portable devices (smart phones and tablets) powered by mobile operation systems.
8. Game development involves learning how to develop game applications in Unity 3D editor.

Summing up, ITEA Online IT Courses grant students an opportunity to get an IT profession and apply for a Junior position in a selected sphere.